Sunday, September 04, 2005

Aug 29 - Sept 3

Hey everyone!! I hope you’re all doing well. Hannah and I don’t watch much TV, so we didn’t know Hurricane Katrina was as bad as it was until we watched the news on Thursday. The interesting thing is Hannah watched a documentary six months ago about what would happen to New Orleans if it was ever hit by a bad hurricane. Unfortunately every thing predicted happened. If anyone is interested in more pictures, click the link: Hurricane Katrina. After we found out how bad it was, we called David and Wren. David said that they were ok, and that the hurricane actually brought better than normal weather to Tampa….crazy how things work out.

Hannah likes her job a little bit better. She’s starting to make some sales, and thinks there might be some potential if she can hold out. Last Friday she went to a bid for the Denver Airport. At the bid she met the sales manager of a competing company, Initial Tropical Plants. She had interviewed with them before she accepted the job with Bristol. The lady recognized her, and wants to talk to her about working for them. The position would be in the future….2112 to be exact….sorry I’m a dork. What I meant was that they don’t have any current openings, but they want her to consider them in the future. I should have deleted the previous statement, but I thought it sounded kind of funny so I added the 2112 part…I digress. The bottom line is that Hannah has other options. The only problem is that Bristol wants her to sign a “non-compete” and it’s pretty broad. She read it to me and the way I understand it is that she wouldn’t be able to work in the tropical plant industry for two years after she left Bristol. She’s thinking about having one of our friends, who is a lawyer, read it and see exactly what she will and won’t be able to do if she signs.

Thursday we went back to Indian Creek. So far it’s my favorite bike ride. There’s never anyone there, and the trail is loads of fun. I had Hannah take a picture of me coming down a steep drop, but there wasn’t enough light and it didn’t turn out very well. Let just imagine that I looked spectacular : ) Next time Stoney comes, we’re definitely taking him on this one. He will think it’s a “sucker pit” because you ride downhill first and then have to ride uphill to get back to the car. Stoney calls these downhill-first rides “sucker pits” because you get tricked into going further than you planed.

Friday we went on a hike with our friends Aaron and Kirsten. The destination was to Devils Head Fire Look Out, one of the last manned forest fire look outs in the country. The hike was easy except for the 148 steep steps to get to the top. It didn’t look bad, but at 140 my legs were burning. Once on top the views were wonderful. As you would expect, we had 360 degree view of pine trees and granite out cropings….my favorite combination. We watched the sun set, and on the way back down it was dark. We passed the time talking about bear and cougar attacks which is a very bad topic of conversation while walking through the dark woods of Colorado. Personally I’m much more afraid of the cougars. They don’t give you much of a chance, and there aren’t a lot of survivors….at least that I’ve heard about.

Reggie is fat and faithful. Sally has bad breath and is still silky. Eric is still losing weight and I have gained back 1 pound. We miss everyone terribly but we are learning tough lessons, reading the Book of Mormon and loving our lives.

And now your moment of ZEN..........

Well that’s all from us. We love you all.


Eric and Hannah

P.S. Hannah and I both wrote this, so the voice may seem a little strange.