Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sept 5th - 10th

So that everyone can tell who is speaking we will state our names before our paragraphs.

ERIC - I hope everyone is doing well. Saturday morning Hannah had to attend the leadership conference, so I decide to go on a ride by my self. I choose my nemesis – Deer Creek Canyon. I rode it before, but never made it to the top. As you can see from the pictures the beginning is rather technical, and the whole trail is steep. The pictures don’t do the steepness justices. Anyway, I made it to the top and was rewarded with spectacular views of the hog back that separates Denver from the foot hills.

HANNAH: Well, I am working hard and unfortunately getting more and more busy. I took Eric on a date last night to the dollar movies. I made him watch ‘Sky High’. It is a pre-teen movie about teenage super heroes. Eric was hesitant because of the PG rating, but I reminded him that ‘The Parent Trap’ is rated PG and it is one of his favorite movies. He can watch those troublesome twins for hours.

Reggie and Sally are bad kitties. Sally has started scratching the carpet on the stairs and Eric told me today that he liked the carpet more than the cat, so she would have to go if it continued. I think we will just clip her nails tonight. Reggie and I bond every morning and night when I am getting ready for bed. I let him lay in my bathroom sink and then I turn the water on. He doesn’t mind the water at all. His fat little belly even clogs up the drain and he creates a little bath for himself. This is fun for both of us, but it does leave a lot of hair in and around the sink. Eric has moved all of his stuff into the guest bathroom because apparently Reggie and I are “filthy animals”. ERIC – I never called anyone a “filthy animal.” However I did move bath rooms because I was tired of cleaning hair out of my sink.

Eric and I are still working hard. We are both in sales and starting new positions and consequently have still not made any money. Colorado is an expensive place to live and the lack in incoming money is a little stressful. We are paying our tithing and working hard and hope for the best. We both agree that this is probably a good experience for us. Living in Utah was easy for us. Colorado has made us stretch and grow and realize how much more we need to rely on our Heavenly Father and listen to the Still Small Voice. I have already felt the blessing of the Holy Ghost in my job and calling.

And now your moment of ZEN.....

We love you all,

Eric and Hannah