Sunday, November 06, 2005

November 6, 2005

(Hannah) Well, I turned 29 and I am a little sad about it. Eric said that he didn’t have any sympathy for me because I was still in my twenties. Eric made me dinner for my birthday. He also bought me the book “Puss in Boots” and read it to me that night. I caught a cold for my birthday so Eric reading me cat stories in bed is just what I wanted. (Eric) Hannah wanted me to let you know that the reason she looks so puffy in this photo is because she's waring 7 layers of clothing.

Primary is going well. I love interacting with the kids and teaching in sharing time. I enjoy working with the senior primary the most. They are older and I relate with them better. The junior primary still confuses me sometimes. When the sunbeams flop around on the floor or cry it is difficult for me to reason with them. The primary program is next week and I have volunteered to help lead the music. I have a hard time keeping a straight face when I lead the primary songs. The kids look at me so earnestly. I know they are trying to read my lips so they can sing the right words. I exaggerate my mouth movements which cause me to laugh and then I make the kids laugh and it’s hard for me to get back on track. The children are so wonderful. I have never like kids so much in my life as I do now. I also love working with the other women in the Primary Presidency. Lori Lambert, our president is wonderful, patient and inspired. She is my hero.

Eric and I have been called to sing in the ward choir. I am very excited about the invitation because I miss singing in an organized group. Eric is a little hesitant; he has never sung in a choir before and in the past has always refused to go with me. I admire him. He was called by the choir director to come and because he believes in accepting all callings he is coming. I think that he will learn to love it and that this could be a blessing for him. He has a beautiful voice and never sings off key. He just needs to be taught how to read music and pick out the tenor part.

Eric and I sold our new Xterra and our Toyota Avalon in an attempt to save money. Eric was sad to sell his “dream truck” which we owned outright. It was hard to see it go, but we bought two other great cars, lowered our car payment and put some money in the bank. I bought a silver Passat which is a great car and provides me with heated seats and Eric got a Subaru Outback which he loves.

Yesterday Eric and I took a day trip to Boulder and Eldorado Canyon to check out the rock climbing. We were stuck in traffic for most of the time which allowed for great conversation. We were also birthday shopping for Jenny. I saw a maternity store and went to check it out but was scared off by the window display. Look close and you'll see why. Each one of what ever they are has something printed on them.

Thank you everybody for remembering my Birthday. Phyllis, you letter was wonderful.

Eric bore his testimony today in fast and testimony meeting. He said that he was grateful for our trials that we have had since we have moved to Colorado because it has brought us closer together as a couple and closer to our Heavenly Father. He was right. Life is good and hard sometimes but we are happy.

(Eric) Yesterday morning I woke up early and went for a walk up the Dutch Fred trail in the Pike national forest. It had snowed the night before and was absolutely beautiful. I hiked for about an hour and then spent another hour bouldering. I snapped this photo for Stoney’s photo contest. For those of you who don't know, Stony suggested a photo contest. It's not really a contest, but that's what I'm calling it. He picks a color and a theme and we all take pictures around the criteria. This month he picked brown, and something we're thankful for. My picture is of brown granite rocks. I thought it looked pretty, and you all know how much I love big rocks.

And now your moment of ZEN.....

We miss you all very, very, much and hope to see you all soon.


Eric and Hannah