Sunday, October 16, 2005

Oct 9-16

(Eric) I had an interesting thought this past week. As Hannah and I were singing the sacrament hymn him in church, a mother and her daughter sat in the bench in front of us. The girl is probably about four years old, and was dressed in a black shawl and was caring a purse. She was dressed just like her mother and was obviously feeling very grown up. She looked like she was having fun and was very cute.

This poor girl has some health problems that require her to take medication that causes her face and arms to swell up. I had seen her at different church functions and at a birthday party we attended a few weeks ago. I was impressed with how intelligent, thoughtful and kind she was as she interacted with the other children of the ward.

As I watched her take the sacrament, my hart ached with the thought of a life of hardship from illness. I was further saddened as I remembered that children can say and do cruel things with out the full understanding impact that it has. No sooner had I thought these thoughts that I remembered something that Elder Batemen said in conference (I’m going to paraphrase. For the full talk click on this link.) He basically said that at one time he thought of Christ’s experience in the garden as one where a “large mass of sin was heaped upon him,” but he now believes that it was a much more personal experience. In other words he felt every sin (infirmities) from every person. He also quotes Alma 7:12 which states: “He will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.”

I had read that passage in Alma a few days before I had listened to the talk, and it stuck with me. Then I heard Elder Batemen speak. When I saw the young girl it all came together – what it really meant. I had such a feeling of peace and gratitude. That Christ not only paid the price for us, but he has an intament and personal understanding of how we feel not only when we sin, but our sicknesses, our losses, our worries, our pains, and everything else that we feel. I’d heard it before, I’d even bore testimony of it on my mission, but this time I felt it stronger then ever before. What a wonderful blessing the gospel is.

I didn't want to give you a sermon. I just felt like sharing : )

Last week was pretty good for Hannah and I. Both of us finally made some sales, and things are starting to pick up. Hannah landed a large account and I received two good repairs, and sent out quotes for several refurbished scopes. We’re not out of the woods yet, but we feel better about our situation.

Yesterday we went for a bike ride up Indian creek. When we got there we were surprised to find about four inches of snow on the trail. There were patches of dirt, and we thought we still might be able to ride, so we rode for about 5 minutes, but as you can see from the picture the not only was there snow, but the early storm had done a lot of damage and there was broken limbs and debris all over the trail. (Dad, I told Eric to take this picture of me because you love me and moss!!)

Since it was a beautiful day, and the main road was clear, we decided to ride on the pavement. It was wonderful. One of my favorite things about Colorado are the brown granite boulders with pine trees growing around them. As we road, we passed several cabins. It was kind of cold, so the cabins were burning their stoves, and the whole area smelled like fall, and wood smoke…..wonderful.

After the ride Hannah and I went over to our friends house, Aaron and Kristen Hassle, and had dutch oven desert, and played Lord of the Rings risk. I love strategy games, but have a hard time finding people to play with me because they take so long. This time was no exception…we left their house at 2:30am. I had a great time, and couldn’t go to sleep because I was playing everything out in my mind. We had a really good time.

And now your moment of ZEN.....Sleepy Reg in a basket on top of our kitchen cabinets.

We love everyone and hope your doing well.


Eric and Hannah