Tuesday, October 06, 2009

San Francisco

A few days after we got back from Crested Butte, I had to go to San Francisco for work. The trip was productive from a work stand point, but not to interesting to talk about. During the day I was either attending internal IBM meetings or customer visits. The meetings were productive, and we uncovered several new opportunities during the customer visits. In the evenings, I would go for a run with my buddy Dean, go out to eat, and then go back to the hotel and get caught up on email or watch TV.

The evening runs were the best part of the trip. It’s a great way to see the city. My favorite loop took me from my hotel (Hilton San Francisco Financial District 750 Kearny Street), through the city to AT&T Park, along the Embarcadero, up some - LOTS of stairs to Coit Tower, over to Lombard, and then back to the hotel. It’s a total of about 7 miles with some good hills and great views.

My favorite restaurant of the trip was a German place called SuppenKuche. The main dinning area is filled with large bench tables that you share with other dinners. Its supper loud and you have to yell to have a conversation, but the atmosphere is great and the food was excellent…..of course Dean and the boys loved the selection of beers. We just about closed the place.

And now your moment of ZEN...... Every time I ran down town, all I could think about was the coolest skate move of all time - Search for Animal Chin. I couldn't get the video to upload so you'll have to click the link.


Victoria said...

I have always loved San Francisco. My dad used to take me there from the time that I was really little. My most vivid memories are eating steak and lobster at Jack London Square (yeah, I think I was only about five--my dad spoiled me very early on...), and this one time that he took me, my mom, Wendy and Paul... oh! and one of the golden retrievers.... must have been Sandy. He insisted on showing us the steepest hill in the city, and driving down it. My mom had gone beyond scared about it to just plain mad, and she got out of the car,and insisted on getting the dog out of the car, too, before my dad drove down that street. Pretty funny memory.

Jenny and Jared said...

It's been about 3 months....NEW POST! NEW POST! NEW POST! NEW POST!!!! I miss you guys ever so much.

SSBSTS said...

shout out to Animal Chin! One day I will venture out and explore San Francisco.